International Association «Musica Classica» (Russia)
Association «Culture of tomorrow» (Sweden)
State Union of young musicians (Sweden)
Riksförbundet Unga Musikanter (Sweden)

Musical international competition
«Musica Classica»  
Spain, Tenerife, Los Cristianos  
27 X – 3 Xl  2015          


  • Competitions of performers in different nominations,
  • Concerts of prominent and promising young musicians,
  • Master classes for students and teachers,    
  • Conference «Musical Training and Development of Creative Ability», 
  • Psychological training «Technology of Performance Success».
  • Pedagogical workshops,
  • Sightseeing and entertainment trips.

Competition Regulations 

      The Competition is run in one round from 27 October to 3 of  November 2015. Each person may take part in several nominations of the Competition.    
     Performance of the competitors will be judged by an International Jury. The decision of the Jury is definitive and cannot be appealed. 
Winners of the Competition will be given the rank of International Competition Winner or International Competition Diploma Holder and will be given valuable prizes and presents.  
      Participants of all the nominations may be awarded with Special Diplomas for best performing of music by Spanish music if it is included in their competition programs (ad libitum).    
      Each competitor (ensemble) is given with acoustical rehearsal not less long than 5 minutes. Depending on his arrival time a competitor is given with rehearsal time in the day of his performance or in the previous day.  
      A drawing procedure is not used. Sequence of competitors’ performances is fixed according to their age starting with the youngest.   

Participation Conditions

      Each participant (competitor, teacher, accompanist or attendant) is to present a separate  application  by  e-mail  before  September 20, 2014. The application form is to be sent on the site,

Organizational Committee

      Applications are to be sent to the
      Phone: +4 6707726882