Application Form

Fill it according to the following example:

1. Name, Surname and Birthdate
Smith, John, 31.01.1980
2. Country, City
United Kingdom, London
3. Educational Organization (full name)
Royal College of Arts
4. Full Name of the teacher and his rank
Weber,  Andrew Lloyd, professor
5. Nomination
С2 Singers group 3
6. Full name of the accompanist (for all the nominations accept   Piano Solo  and Instrumental Ensembles)
Johnson, John
7. The program of the Competition performance (initials and the name of the composer, the title and the opus of the work and the performed movements)
1. W.А. Mozart. Recitative  and aria of Figaro from «Le nozze di Figaro» 
2. P.I. Tchaikovsky. «Serenade of Don Quijote»
3. Russian Folk song « Ah ty, dushechka »
8. Accompanying persons  (Full name and status)
1. Smith, William Peter, father,
2. Smith, Mary Ann, mother,
3. Nightingale, Archibald  Fredrik, teacher
9. Home address
Backer Street, 17, fl. 7, London, U.K. 
10. Contact phone nomber
11. E-mail
12. Arrival and departure dates
John Smith, William P. Smith,  Mary Ann Smith, John Johnson 10.11 – 17.11 
Archibald  F. Nightingale, 16.11 - 17.11

Mean the following conditions:
  • Application forms of all the participants of an ensemble are to be sent as a supplement to one e-mail letter.
  • Application forms of a soloist and of his accompanist are to be sent as a supplement to one e-mail letter.
  • A participant’s photo and a photo of his accompanist are to be applied in JPEG format.  
  • Ensemble participants are to apply their group photo in JPEG format. 
  • Be attentive to fill all the points of the application form. It is needed to ensure convenient conditions of your residence, rehearsals and performance.
  • The data of your application form will be a base for your payment calculations.
  • The application form is to be sent to the address of the Organizational Committee in the Word format.
  • Be especially attentive to the number of residents and their residence time. 
  • Not fully filled application forms, application forms without applied photos and application forms in other formats beside Word are not accepted.
  • If you need some certificates from the Organizational Committee inform us about that beforehand.