A concept of our Festival-Competition was born when three people met in a Moscow flat: these were Professor of the Moscow Gnessins Academy of Music Vera Nosina, Professor of the Kiev Conservatoire Eleonora Tkatch and Moscow psychologist Leonid Nemirovskiy. The matter discussed was how it is possible to organize a musical competition for kids who just started studying music. The problem is that a kid undergoes every failure as a misfortune. When he does something he always needs to get a result. Otherwise it is a catastrophe. 

     A competition was needed that does not make losers. It was decided to add festivity to the competition for the sake, to transform it into a Festival-Competition with its concerts, games, trainings and entertainments. And at the end of the contest each competitor must be awarded with a Participant Diploma and receive a gift even in the case of the most abortive attempt. It happened so that our first Festival-Competition was organized in a little Polish town Glubchitze (year 1994). It got a success: children were carried away by the game, and ardour helps revealing talents.

     The very first Festival-Competition brought away the gift of Julianna Avdeeva. She made a boom later gaining the First Prize at the Warsaw Chopin Competition in 2010 year where all prizes were won by Russian pianists. Another Russian participant of the first Festival-Competition Paul Dombrovskiy got a Prize Winner of the Marguerite Long - Jacques Thibaud Competition in Paris, and Tatiana Kolesova won a Prize of the Fund of the National Order of the Legion of Honour in France.

     With time, age structure of the Festival-Competition participants started to expand. Evidently, kind attitude is needed not only for children. Now the competitors are divided into age group, and persons from 6 to 80 years old can be met among them. Firstly competitions were conducted only among pianists. Later singers, other instrument performers and instrumental and vocal ensembles were added. 

     Success of first Festival-Competitions has leaded to the state when they are run all over the Europe now: in Paris, in Vienna and Athens, in Italy and Finland, in Spain and Portugal and even on the Portuguese Iceland Madeira. But there is a place among them which is most dear to us. It is Rooza Valley in Moscow suburb. An experimental village for collective creative work of Soviet composers was built there in Soviet times. 

     Great Russian composers worked in it: Shostakovich, Prokofiev, Khachaturian, Rodion Shchedrin and many others. Festivals are run there in very special creative atmosphere because each item keeps energetic field of those great persons here. It is a “Place of Strengths” which was forming itself during the whole history of Russia. It is surrounded with strength making spots: the Field of Borodino, the ancient Savva monastery with the country palace of Tsar Aleksey Mikhailovich and the ancient Zvenigorod Cathedral with its’ unique frescoes are situated very near.

     Finally the history of Festival-Competitions arranged itself as it was described in the known verse by Li Bai:

     «I had passed through the whole World And came back to you, white chrysanthemums».